Descendants of Samuel Tucker and Ellen King

1. Samuel Tucker (b.29 Oct 1827-Atherington,Devon,England;d.21 Jun 1922-Fitchburg,MA) Obit
   sp: Ellen King (b.30 Apr 1831-High Bickington,Devon,England;m.26 Jan 1857;d.9 Feb 1903-Fitchburg,MA) Obit
	2. Mary Jane Tucker (b.10 Apr 1856-Swimbridge,Devon,England;d.6 Jun 1950-Swimbridge,Devon,England) Obit
	   sp: George Norman (b.Abt 1832;d.11 Nov 1920-Swimbridge,England) Obit
	2. Henry King Tucker (b.30 Nov 1858-Swimbridge,Devon,England;d.6 Jul 1933-Fitchburg,MA) Obit     Descendants Chart
	   sp: Filena Grace Pethybridge (b.29 Jul 1857-Troy,NY;d.3 Oct 1946-Fitchburg,MA) Obit
	2. Hannah A Tucker (b.9 Dec 1859-Swimbridge,Devon,England;d.13 Feb 1899-Palmer,Hampden,MA) Obit     Descendants Chart
	   sp: Byram Woodhead (b.9 Dec 1859;m.Nov 1890;d.11 May 1918-Palmer,Hampden,MA) Obit
	2. Henrietta King Tucker (b.4 May 1864-Swimbridge,Devon,England;d.3 Jul 1958-Fitchburg,MA) Obit
	2. James King Tucker (b.13 May 1866-Swimbridge,Devon,England;d.26 Apr 1953-Fitchburg,MA)   Obit    Pictures     Descendants Chart
	   sp: Estella Cynthia Wilson (b.12 Mar 1867-Woodstock,CT;m.14 Jun 1884;d.9 Sep 1957-Fitchburg,MA) Obit
	2. Fred Tucker (b.22 Oct 1867-Swimbridge,England;d.25 Dec 1949-North Merrick,NY)     Obit     Descendants Chart
	   sp: Catherine Josephine Murray (b.25 Jun 1871-Fitchburg,MA;m.14 Jul 1896;d.4 Apr 1933-Fitchburg,MA) Obit
	2. William Alfred Tucker (b.15 Feb 1869-Atherington,England;d.9 Nov 1947-Melrose,MA) Obit     Descendants Chart
	   sp: Sarah C Wood (b.Jun 1874-South Coventry,CT;m.18 Apr 1900;d.26 Mar 1941-Melrose,MA) Obit
	2. May Tucker (b.18 Dec 1874-Fitchburg,MA;d.18 Jul 1970-Fitchburg,MA) Obit     Descendants Chart
	   sp: John Norman Godbeer (b.May 1869-England;m.24 Oct 1901;d.13 Mar 1938-Fitchburg,MA) Obit
	2. Mabel Tucker (b.18 Dec 1874-Fitchburg,MA;d.9 Dec 1969-Fitchburg,MA) Obit

Samuel and Ellen Tucker departed from Bristol, England on the ship Arragon in April 
of 1873.  They arrived in New York with their six youngest children on May 9.   Their 
oldest daughter, Mary Jane, remained in England with Ellen's sister Grace Lemon. 
According to a letter written by Henrietta many years later, the family traveled by
boat from New York to Fall River and then by train to Boston and then Fitchburg.  
The twins May and Mable were born in Fitchburg the following year.

                             S/S Arragon

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